A full list can be found below, including some additional ones that are not theseses the map, but were part of the original Reddit threads.

However, we sincerely hope that the remaining 27 member states do not follow the UK’s lead. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania rejoined the Soviet Union? First of all, the Soviet Union does not exist anymore. Soviet Union but were forcefully and illegally annexed for fifty years. Tens of thousands of people were deported, imprisoned and killed for crimes they had not committed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. We share theseses 5 videos for a one mod. By clicking the button «Submit» You consent to have this website store submitted information. I worked 2 year’s at this truck’s theseses is my first truck’s,But I left the project for a year and re-emerged in 2017. Don’t comment with files,you don’t read comment’s ? Bad comment from an equally bad user.

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While I do see some things that need to be corrected, the mod is pretty good, plus it is a new mod which is probably largely in Beta mode. Már rég óta vártam egy Rába vagy IFA Modra. Itt és ott még van egy pár hiba, de egy idő után bisztos heljre hozod! Hey, nice mod you got there. If you give permission, u can edit some parts, help you to make it better.

I’m a modder from India, just started to learn stuff about ets2 modding and know some ways to work with zmod and blender. Warum ist das Lenkrad und die Lenksäule unter dem Auto. Finally something new in the mod community! I’ve read that you’re working at this mod for 2 years and that’s great. I hope the interior is going to be changed in the next few releases because playing with this truck right now, it ruins the driving experience.

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