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Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is about the sculpture. Solved case studies article includes a list of references, but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. The main part of the sculpture is located in the northwest corner of the New Headquarters Building courtyard, outside of the Agency’s cafeteria. The sculpture comprises four large copper plates with other elements consisting of water, wood, plants, red and green granite, white quartz, and petrified wood.

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In addition to the main part of the sculpture, Jim Sanborn also placed other pieces of art at the CIA grounds, such as several large granite slabs with sandwiched copper sheets outside the entrance to the New Headquarters Building. The name Kryptos comes from the ancient Greek word for «hidden», and the theme of the sculpture is «Intelligence Gathering». 869 characters in total : 865 letters and 4 question marks. In April 2006, however, Sanborn released information stating that a letter was omitted from this side of Kryptos «for aesthetic reasons, to keep the sculpture visually balanced». The right-hand side of the sculpture comprises a keyed Vigenère encryption tableau, consisting of 867 letters. Bauer, Link and Molle suggest that this may be a reference to the Hill cipher as an encryption method for the fourth passage of the sculpture.

ENDYAHROHNLSRHEOCPTEOIBIDYSHNAIA CHTNREYULDSLLSLLNOHSNOSMRWXMNE TPRNGATIHNRARPESLNNELEBLPIIACAE WMTWNDITEENRAHCTENEUDRETNHAEOE TFOLSEDTIWENHAEIOYTEYQHEENCTAYCR EIFTBRSPAMHHEWENATAMATEGYEERLB TEEFOASFIOTUETUAEOTOARMAEERTNRTI BSEDDNIAAHTTMSTEWPIEROAGRIEWFEB AECTDDHILCEIHSITEGOEAOSDDRYDLORIT RKLMLEHAGTDHARDPNEOHMGFMFEUHE ECDMRIPFEIMEHNLSSTTRTVDOHW? Sanborn worked with a retiring CIA employee named Ed Scheidt, Chairman of the CIA Office of Communications, to come up with the cryptographic systems used on the sculpture. Sanborn has revealed that the sculpture contains a riddle within a riddle, which will be solvable only after the four encrypted passages have been deciphered. He did, however, confirm that within the passage of the plaintext of the second message which reads «Who knows the exact location? Sanborn also confirmed that should he die before the entire sculpture becomes deciphered, there will be someone able to confirm the solution.

The first person to announce publicly that he had solved the first three passages was Jim Gillogly, a computer scientist from southern California, who deciphered these passages using a computer, and revealed his solutions in 1999. After Gillogly’s announcement, the CIA revealed that their analyst David Stein also had solved the same passages in 1998 using pencil and paper techniques, although at the time of his solution the information was only disseminated within the intelligence community and no public announcement was made until July 1999. In 2006, Sanborn announced that he had made an error in passage 2, and confirmed that the last passage of the plaintext was WESTXLAYERTWO, and not WESTIDBYROWS. Sanborn had inadvertently omitted a letter S in the crypt text. By rotating the keyword to BSCISSAA it decrypts to WESTPLAYERTWO. The significance of this is that WESTXLAYERTWO is the original plain text.

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