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Powhatan, alternately called «King» or «Chief» Powahatan by the English, led the main political and military power facing the early colonists, was probably the older brother of Opchanacanough, who led attacks against the English in 1622 and 1644. In 1607, the English colonists were introduced to Wahunsenacawh as Powhatan and understood this latter name to come from Powhatan’s hometown near the falls of the James River near present-day Richmond, Virginia. Seventeenth-century English spellings were not standardized, and representations were many of the sounds of the Algonquian language spoken by Wahunsenacawh and his people. Little is known of Powhatan’s life before the arrival of English colonists in 1607.

He apparently inherited the leadership of about 4-6 tribes, with its base at the Fall Line near present-day Richmond. In December 1607, English soldier and pioneer John Smith, one of the Jamestown colony’s leaders, was captured by a hunting expedition led by Opchanacanough, the younger brother of Powhatan. In January 1609, Smith recorded directing some of his men to build an English-style house for Powhatan at Werowocomoco, in exchange for food supplies for the hungry English colony. Both sides looked for opportunities to surprise one another.

When ambushed, he held Powhatan at gunpoint before the warriors. Since 2003, state officials and researchers have concluded the likely site of Werowocomoco is further west along the York River at Purtan Bay. There archeologists have found evidence of a large residential settlement dating to 1200, with major earthworks built about 1400. The modern-pocahontas biography essay interchange of Interstate 64 and Interstate 295 is near this location. By the time Smith left Virginia in 1609, the fragile peace between colonists and Algonquians was already beginning to fray. Soon conflict led to the First Anglo-Powhatan War, and further English expansion beyond Jamestown and into Powhatan’s territory. Meanwhile, the English continued to expand along the James riverfront.

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Opchanacanough became the greater Native power in the region. Upon the death of Wahunsunacock in 1618, his next younger brother Opitchapam officially became paramount chief. However, Opchanacanough, the youngest brother, had achieved the greatest power and effectively became the Powhatan. Wahunsunacock was the grandfather of Thomas Rolfe.

In 1635 Rolfe returned to Virginia from England. Smith described Powhatan thus: «their Emperor proudly upon a bedstead a foot high upon ten or twelve mats, richly hung with many chains of great pearls about his neck, and covered with a great covering of Rahaughcums . Powatan’s Mantle» is the name given to a cloak of deerskin, decorated with shell patterns and figures, held by the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. It allegedly belonged to Powhatan, although the evidence is questionable. The Mantle is certainly one of the earliest North American artifacts to have survived in a European collection.

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