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Or did you just get tired of writing it? DFW: There is an ending as far as I’m concerned. If no such convergence or projection occurred to you, then the book’s failed for you. WARNING: This whole thing is one gigantic spoiler. Only read it if you’ve already tried to figure it out for yourself first.

Gately, having relived his bottom, begins to recover from his infection. But at the same time, Hal’s condition deepens. Ever since Hal ate the mold as a child, he’s been a brilliant communicator but unable to feel. JOI was the only one who could see it. Hal’s thoughts and thus confirm his view.

Any conversation or interchange is better than none at all. JOI’s wraith is responsible for the strange disturbances around ETA — tripods in the forest, moving Ortho’s bed, ceiling tiles on the floor. He knocks the ceiling tiles down in an attempt to find the DMZ. Pemulis is too distracted with getting expelled to have Hal take it, so JOI needs to get it to Hal some other way. Lord, he gets the bed next to Gately. Gately on her way out and recognizes Hal.

Whoever took it is presumably the person who’s made and mailed the extant copies. After a burial, rural Papineau-region Québecers purportedly drill a small hole down from ground level all the way down through the lid of the coffin, to let out the soul, if it wants out. Orin cuts a deal with the A. He’s apparently still alive on p.

As seen in Chapter 1, Hal’s condition deepens until he literally can’t communicate at all, but no longer feels like a robot anymore. Hal finally gets to really interface with his father — in the only way he has left. Persusive Essay to Jeff Halley and Joe Giacona for help with the part about the DMZ.

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And you quit mailing the Moms the pseudo-form-replies two years ago. There was reason to think M. You should follow me on twitter here. Someone else pointed out that Stice’s connection to objects moving strangely includes his match with Hal, but I’ve never considered that Ortho could be somehow a conduit or connection to Himself. He has already been in the NFL for at least two seasons, in New Orleans and Phoenix.

The mention of Orin on p. 14 just confirms that he survives into the Year of Glad. Alas, Hal is in Arizona and Gately in Massachusetts at the time of their hospitalizations, so the meet-up around which this theory pivots doesn’t happen. It’s still plausible that Gately and Hal meet up after the Whataburger, of course, but you’ll need to shift your timeline a little. Argh, I was off by a year with that last comment. Daryl, what makes you think Hal’s first hospitalization was in AZ? At the only other emergency room I have ever been in, almost exactly one year back, the psychiatric stretcher was wheeled in and then parked beside the waiting-room chairs.

Nothing about it being in AZ, and in fact he implies that it was not the same emergency room. BTW, one thread that’s building near the end of the book that you don’t mention involves law enforcement. Ennet House in Joelle’s very last scene in the book. Perhaps this doesn’t interfere much with your projected ending, but I do wonder if Wallace had them in mind playing a larger role. So interesting and well thought out! One question, how did Orin know the Entertainment cartridge was buried with JOI? Thanks so much for sharing your thinking!

I am into IJ as an oblique prophecy and thinking about Orin at the post office just seems reminiscent of the mailing of anthrax letters post 911. IJ victims up to Himself’s enemies was genius. Yeah but Hal gets put in the room with Gately who then does what, rises from his deathbed with one arm and goes into the concavity kicking ass and taking names? Clearly Gately dies of an infection at the end so it could be his ghost who is accompanying Hal to dig up the master. Does he survive the infection or is it his ghost that helps dig up Himself with Hal?

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