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Australian writer, «considered by many to be the finest Australian novelist paul biography richard evans essay author his generation», according to The Economist.

Each of his novels has attracted major praise and received numerous awards and honours. He also has written and directed feature films. The New York Review of Books described Flanagan as «among the most versatile writers in the English language. That he is also an environmental activist and the author of numerous influential works of nonfiction makes his achievement all the more remarkable. Flanagan was born in Longford, Tasmania, in 1961, the fifth of six children.

He is descended from Irish convicts transported during the Great Famine in Ireland to Van Diemen’s Land. Flanagan was born with a severe hearing loss, which was not corrected until he was 6 years old. He grew up in the remote mining town of Rosebery on Tasmania’s western coast. Flanagan left school at the age of 16 but returned to study at the University of Tasmania, where he was president of the Tasmania University Union in 1983. Flanagan wrote four non-fiction works before moving to fiction, works he has called «his apprenticeship». Aljaz Cosini, paul biography richard evans essay author guide, who lies drowning, reliving his life and the lives of his family and forebears.

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It was described by The Times Literary Supplement as «one of the most auspicious debuts in Australian writing». Flanagan’s third novel, is based on the life of William Buelow Gould, a convict artist, and tells the tale of his love affair with a young black woman in 1828. His most recent novel is First Person, based loosely on his experience early in his writing career ghost-writing the autobiography of John Friedrich. Flanagan’s 2007 essay on logging company Gunns, then the biggest hardwood woodchipper in the world, «Gunns. A collection of his non-fiction was published as And What Do You Do, Mr Gable?

In 2015 he published Notes on an Exodus, on the Syrian refugee crisis, arising out of visiting refugee camps in Lebanon, Greece, and meeting refugees in Serbia. The book also features sketches made by the noted Australian artist Ben Quilty, who travelled with Flanagan to meet the refugees. The 1998 film of The Sound of One Hand Clapping, written and directed by Flanagan, was nominated for the Golden Bear at that year’s Berlin Film Festival. He worked with Baz Luhrmann as a writer on the 2008 film Australia.

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