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The Bizarro Jerry» is the 137th episode of the American television sitcom Seinfeld. This was the third episode for the eighth season. David Mandel wrote the episode in response to his then girlfriend Rebecca ending their long-distance relationship. Rebecca, now wife of Mandel, was self-conscious about what she calls her «farm-hands». Much to Elaine’s surprise, Kevin is thrilled at the idea, and starts becoming a much more reliable friend than Jerry.

Jerry wants to be «just friends» with Gillian, who does not take too well to the idea. Later, George takes Jerry to the location of the club, but all they find is a meat packing opposite of critical. George is dismayed, while Jerry doesn’t believe there ever was a club there. As they leave, they miss seeing the photo George had taken from a magazine, lying amidst the sawdust on the ground. When George starts dating models, he makes a reference to Jerry by saying «Flame on! This is a reference to The Fantastic Four’s team member, the Human Torch.

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Elaine describes Kevin as Jerry’s opposite since Kevin is reliable and kind, in contrast to Jerry’s forgetfulness and indifference. Gene is shown to be quiet, courteous, charitable and well-dressed as opposed to George being loud, obnoxious, cheap and slobbish. Feldman acts generously to his friends, regularly buying them lunch and bringing Kevin groceries. He also always knocks on Kevin’s door and waits for him to unlock it.

This is opposite to Kramer, who constantly takes Jerry’s groceries and bursts through his door without warning. As opposed to Kramer’s zany schemes which often are seen through to the end, Feldman has good ideas which he rejects as silly. Reggie’s had previous visits by George in «The Soup» and «The Pool Guy». Kevin’s apartment, where he and his friends spend time reading, is a mirror image to Jerry’s. Also seen in the background of Kevin’s apartment is a unicycle, which also is a reflection on Jerry’s bicycle hanging in his apartment, and a PC — the opposite of Jerry’s Mac. Kevin also has a statue of Bizarro as opposed to Jerry’s statue of Superman.

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In its employment of multiple and potentially contradictory genres, The Children of the Abbey may be interpreted as Roche’s reflection of and engagement with the instability of her time.

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