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Because of in-app ad spend’s recent surge, getting accurate in-app viewability measurements is a big deal for mobile marketers. 03 billion will be spent on in-app advertising in the US this year, up 25. What Does Digital Grocery Look Like in the EU-5? Digital grocery shopping is picking up in the EU-5. And consumers’ shopping lists are the best insight for retailers looking to build authentic customer relationships.

Consumers are embracing mobile delivery as they get comfortable with mcommerce, and quick service restaurants are seizing the opportunity. This week, we’re chatting about misinformation and how digital platforms are seeking to slow it, Pinterest’s plan to go public, and landmark shift in ad spending. Start your day with info you can trust and data you can use. Why Have We Raised Our Twitter Forecast?

Big news means bigger earnings for Twitter—and their Q4 2018 revenues, which beat expectations, proves that the company was able to leverage its real-time conversation appeal to bolster video ad sales during the big news events of the past year. What does adulthood look like for this generation? Here are the latest Insider stories. Are zero-day exploits the new norm? How much does it cost to launch a cyberattack?

And non-compliance could cost companies dearly. Here’s what every company that does business in Europe needs to know about GDPR. Thank you Your message has been sent. Sorry There was an error emailing this page. Look ahead to Europe’s rollout of the the General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018, and its expected impact on data handling, with expert insights from Gary Southwell, vice president and general manager, products division, at CSPI. String The div to be inserted.

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For example, the GDPR takes a wide view of what constitutes personal identification information. Companies will need the same level of protection for things like an individual’s IP address or cookie data as they do for name, address and Social Security number. The GDPR leaves much to interpretation. This gives the GDPR governing body a lot of leeway when it comes to assessing fines for data breaches and non-compliance. Time is running out to meet the deadline, so CSO has compiled what any business needs to know about the GDPR, along with advice for meeting its requirements. Many of the requirements do not relate directly to information security, but the processes and system changes needed to comply could affect existing security systems and protocols.

The European Parliament adopted the GDPR in April 2016, replacing an outdated data protection directive from 1995. It carries provisions that require businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states. The GDPR also regulates the exportation of personal data outside the EU. The provisions are consistent across all 28 EU member states, which means that companies have just one standard to meet within the EU. However, that standard is quite high and will require most companies to make a large investment to meet and to administer.

According to an Ovum report, about two-thirds of U. GDPR will require them to rethink their strategy in Europe. The short answer to that question is public concern over privacy. Europe in general has long had more stringent rules around how companies use the personal data of its citizens. How real is the public concern over privacy? It is significant and it grows with every new high-profile data breach. Security Report, for which RSA surveyed 7,500 consumers in France, Germany, Italy, the UK and the U.

80 percent of consumers said lost banking and financial data is a top concern. An alarming statistic for companies that deal with consumer data is the 62 percent of the respondents to the RSA report who say they would blame the company for their lost data in the event of a breach, not the hacker. As consumers become better informed, they expect more transparency and responsiveness from the stewards of their data. Lack of trust in how companies treat their personal information has led some consumers to take their own countermeasures.

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