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The following is a case study of one entrepreneur’s multi case study design from a traditional development cycle to continuous deployment.

Many people still find this idea challenging, even for companies that operate solely on the web. This case presents a further complication: desktop software. Recently, he was bitten by the lean startup bug and has started writing about his experiences attempting to apply lean startup and customer development principles. What follows is his own account of the challenges he faced as well as the solutions he adopted, lightly edited for style. If you’re interested in contributing a case study for publication here, consider getting started by adding it to the Lean Startup Wiki case study section.

Of all the Lean Startup techniques, Continuous Deployment is by far the most controversial. Continuous Deployment is Continuous Flow applied to software. The goal of both is to eliminate waste. The biggest waste in manufacturing is created from having to transport products from one place to another. The biggest waste in software is created multi case study design waiting for software as it moves from one state to another: Waiting to code, waiting to test, waiting to deploy.

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I viewed as pretty agile, disciplined, and aggressive. I identified the must-have code updates on Monday, official code cutoff was on Thursday, and Friday was slated for the big release event. The release process took at least half a day and sometimes the whole day. My transition from staged releases to continuous deployment took roughly 2 weeks. I read Eric Ries’¬†5 step primer¬†to getting started with Continuous Deployment and found that I already had a lot of the necessary pieces.

Continuous integration, deployment scripts, monitoring, and alerting are all best practices for any release process — staged or continuous. The fundamental challenge with Continuous Deployment is getting comfortable with releasing all the time. Continuous deployment makes releases non-events and checking in code is synonymous with triggering a release. On the one hand, this is the ultimate in customer responsiveness.

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