How to formulate a hypothesis

Jump to navigation Jump to search In the field of second language acquisition, there are many theories about the how to formulate a hypothesis effective way for language learners to acquire new language forms.

By noticing this gap, the learner becomes aware of it and may be able to modify his output so that he learns something new about the language. Noticing function: Learners encounter gaps between what they want to say and what they are able to say, and so they notice what they do not know or only know partially in this language. Hypothesis-testing function: When a learner says something, there is always an at least tacit hypothesis underlying his or her utterance, e. By uttering something, the learner tests this hypothesis and receives feedback from an interlocutor.

This feedback enables reprocessing of the hypothesis if necessary. Metalinguistic function: Learners reflect on the language they learn, and thereby the output enables them to control and internalize linguistic knowledge. In addition to second language acquisition context, comprehensible output has been found to be effective in elicitation of modified output in foreign language acquisition. Stephen Krashen argues that the basic problem with all output hypotheses is that output is rare, and comprehensible output is even rarer. Even when the language acquirer does speak, they rarely make the types of adjustments that the CO hypothesis claims are useful and necessary to acquire new forms.

The comprehensible output theory is closely related to the need hypothesis, which states that we acquire language forms only how to formulate a hypothesis we need to communicate or make ourselves understood. If this hypothesis is correct, then language acquirers must be forced to speak. According to Stephen Krashen, the Need Hypothesis is incorrect. On the other hand, need is useless in the absence of CI.

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Krashen uses a story invented by Garrison Keillor on the Prairie Home Companion, in a segment entitled «The Minnesota Language School», to argue against schools which operate on the need hypothesis. Their method is to take someone who speaks no German, fly them up in a helicopter, and then threaten to push them out of the helicopter unless they start speaking German. If the need hypothesis is correct, then this would work. Furthermore, research suggests that humans can develop extremely high levels of language and literacy proficiency without any language output or production at all. Studies show that acquirers usually acquire small but significant amounts of new vocabulary through single exposure to a new word found in a comprehensible text.

Wolfgang Butzkamm proposes to extend Krashen’s notion of comprehension. Both in natural language acquisition as well as in foreign language classrooms, in order for the learner to make progress, understanding must occur on two levels, a situational or functional and a formal or structural level. Problems in output and the cognitive processes they generate: A step towards second language learning. Problems in Output and the Cognitive Processes They Generate: A Step Towards Second Language Learning. Negotiation of Meaning and Modified Output Elicitation across Two Tasks».

Explorations in Language Acquisition and Use. An Investigation of Students’ Perspective on Anxiety and Speaking. The Input Hypothesis and Its Rivals». Implicit and Explicit Learning of Languages, pp. The language acquisition mystique: tried and found wanting. In: Forum Sprache, Hueber Verlag, 2:83-93.

Jump to navigation Jump to search For the hypotheses of a theorem, see Theorem. The hypothesis of Andreas Cellarius, showing the planetary motions in eccentric and epicyclical orbits. For a hypothesis to be a scientific hypothesis, the scientific method requires that one can test it. The adjective hypothetical, meaning «having the nature of a hypothesis», or «being assumed to exist as an immediate consequence of a hypothesis», can refer to any of these meanings of the term «hypothesis».

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