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Then read the text and do the other exercises. Do you think the internet is bad for young people? In this modern world, it’s hard to imagine things without the internet. Essay writing courses are over 7billion people on this planet, still using the internet daily, making money with it, and some of them made checking their phone into their daily routine. In my own perspective, it’s not completely bad for us.

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Define critic,Critical thinking and communication,Writing your dissertation,
Internet is useful for a students . Usage of Internet is search something and find out what is the problem . Advantage of using internet is fast and eazy . I use internet when I forget something and search homework problems . Disadvantage is that some web site is poor information and not correct information.

Some web site is personality site ,witch site is sometime not true . To sum up ,Using internet is fast option searching knowledge or problems . I use internet learning English like this web site . Some web site is good to learn English . It would really be too naive whether we expect the young generations not to use the Internet. On the one hand, this tool can help youngsters find answers to many questions or improve their skills in any field they choose.

For part B the number of secondary sources will depend on the question and availability of suitable books.
Windt DJ, Bottino R, Casu A, Campanile N, Smetanka C, He J, Murase N, Hara H, Ball S, Loveland BE, Ayares D, Lakkis FG, Cooper DKC, Trucco M.

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