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An inflection expresses one or more grammatical dissertation tense with a prefix, suffix or infix, or another internal modification such as a vowel change.

English verb must is dissertation invariant item: it never takes a suffix or changes form to signify a different grammatical category. Its categories can be determined only from its context. Requiring tense forms or inflections of more than one word in a sentence to be compatible with each other according to the rules of the language is known as concord or agreement.

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For example, in «the choir sings», «choir» is a singular noun, so «sing» is constrained in the present tense to use the third person singular suffix «s». Languages that have some degree of inflection are synthetic languages. There are 9 inflectional affixes in the English language. For details, see English plural, English verbs, and English irregular verbs. For instance, many languages that feature verb inflection have both regular verbs and irregular verbs. These are generally considered to have been formed independently of one another, so the student must memorize them when learning a new word.

Sometimes two inflection systems exist, conventionally classified as «strong» and «weak. The comparative and superlative forms of good in many languages display this phenomenon. For more details on some of the considerations that apply to regularly and irregularly inflected forms, see the article on regular and irregular verbs. Inflecting a noun, pronoun, adjective, article or determiner is known as declining it.

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