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In recent years the C-Class Clc review Coupe has been the entry-level vehicle in the Mercedes range.

Cynically some would say that a small, three-door hatchback isn’t worthy of the three-pointed star. To be fair, the CLC is a pretty good car. Forget the detractors for a moment, for they don’t inhabit the real world. With the C-Class — the traditional entry-level Mercedes — now a more dynamic car in looks and character, it was only a matter of time before the first generation C-Class Sport Coupe was brought into line. It’s no surprise that, from the front, the CLC shares the new family look with the C-Class.

Mercedes wants you review clc up not defect to another brand so keeping close ties with aspirational models is key to the firm’s success. The rear of the CLC has also changed, but it’s not as pleasing to the eye as its predecessor. Thankfully consistency reigns in the CLC’s cabin.

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Although more evolution than revolution, fans of the Sports Coupe and previous generation C-Class will feel right at home. The car’s fascia has not been plucked from the new C-Class and, perversely, is all the better for it as the new car boasts too much plastic and not enough brightwork — the opposite of the CLC experience. Mercedes claims that the CLC is sharper and more rewarding, and a claim that proves correct on the open road. Improved responses all-round, and especially from the steering, make the CLC a surprisingly enjoyable car to drive. The combination of the foot operated parking brake manual gearbox isn’t ideal, but history shows that many buyers opt for an optional auto unit anyway.

Our verdict on the Mercedes-Benz CLC-Class CLC 180 Kompressor SE Successfully moving the game on from the Sports Coupe, the CLC delivers a pleasant, enjoyable and suitably upmarket experience. Although not adverse to having some fun, it’s more likely that CLC buyers will be more interested in the car’s looks, perceived elevated status and refinement. On all counts the car should succeed in putting a smile on your face. As far as the Mercedes line-up goes, the CLC is a surprisingly affordable model. Granted, this is only true of modestly equipped cars powered by the smaller engines, but it’s still an affordable way to getting the three-pointed star outside your house.

The CLC is not a rounded family car, nor is it cut-price executive motor. Therefore, don’t expect it to be the most versatile example in the Mercedes range. What it can do is accommodate two adults up front and, at a push, two in the rear. Cockpit oddment space is good, with a spacious centre armrest cubby and good size door bins. Mercedes has a long history of designing good quality instrumentation, and the CLC is a good example of how to do it right. With the car’s fascia mirroring that of the previous generation C-Class, not only should it be familiar to fans of the marque but it’s also easy to use.

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