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He has also been known as «the First American». He was a very important person in the American Revolution and helped make the Thirteen Colonies one nation. After two years of school he stayed home as an apprentice in his father’s candle-making shop. Two years after starting to work at his father’s shop, he went to work at his brother James’ printing shop. Franklin, at the age of 21, established the colonies’ first circulation library for all interested citizens.

He became rich and famous as a printer, publisher and writer. Later, he sold his businesses and became busy with science and politics. Benjamin Franklin was very important in Pennsylvanian and early American politics. He was a leader in the city of Philadelphia, where he did many important things. He was the President of the Academy and College of Philadelphia.

Later he became a councilman, a Justice of the Peace, later a representative of the city. He also started one of the first public libraries in Philadelphia. He was in the Continental Congress, benjamin franklin biography led the country during the Revolutionary War, and he helped write the United States Declaration of Independence. He controlled the postal service as Postmaster General. Franklin called himself a printer, but is also known for his writings.

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Among some of the more well known are Poor Richard’s Almanack, and the Pennsylvanian. Franklin was a scientist who studied experiments in an effort to improve or correct them. One of his greatest contributions was in the theory of electricity. Most people see Franklin as one of history’s greatest inventors.

He invented the lightning rod and bifocals, and the Franklin stove,the glass himorce and more. Franklin died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from pleurisy, April 17,1790 aged 84. Although Franklin owned slaves, towards the end of his life he freed them, and became an abolitionist. Many streets and a few towns are named for him. A picture of Franklin has been on the United States’ hundred-dollar bill since 1928.

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